I hold a higher research degree and have a solid academic publication record. I’ve taught university subjects, short courses, workshops and masterclasses in professional writing, media and cultural studies.

In semester 2, 2016 I returned to Monash University to co-ordinate the unit Celebrity, Fashion, Publicity in the Master of Communications and Media Studies. The unit introduces students to histories, theories and practices of ‘getting attention’ in and through the media. It surveys the historical, cultural and technological shifts that have enabled celebrities and fashion labels to emerge as brands to be promoted, and examines the ways in which media audiences have interpreted and interacted with publicity activities.

In semester 1, 2016 I taught Advanced Feature Writing in RMIT’s Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing, one of Australia’s best known and most respected tertiary writing programs. Advanced Feature Writing is a second-year elective subject that surveys a broad range of journalism, essays and creative nonfiction in various genres and media, and equips students with the knowledge and skills required to work as freelance writers. I revised the course to emphasise emergent, ethical and experimental forms and approaches.

In 2012 I taught a four-week course on Writing for the Web for Writers Victoria. Week 1 focused on starting and maintaining a blog: a basic building block to establish a writerly presence online. In Week 2 I discussed how to pitch work to online publishers, using a blog as a portfolio. Week 3 offered tools and techniques for doing research online, while Week 4 focused on using social media for marketing and promotion.

From 2009-2011 I taught two-hour practical seminars in Online Journalism at Monash University, at both a first-year and second/third-year level. Online Journalism is a core unit in Monash’s majors in Journalism, Communications or Media. Students participated in current debates about the future of the industry, experimented with online tools for research, content hosting and professional networking, and created WordPress blogs on which they published news stories and investigative features with multimedia components including audio, video, images and maps.

In 2010 I authored an extensive research report into the teaching of online journalism at universities in Australia, the US, the UK and Canada, which was used to redesign Monash’s own course for 2011 with a focus on hyperlocal journalism. I stopped teaching the course in 2012 when it switched focus to data journalism.