TV and Radio 2002–2011

Here are some of my broadcast appearances between 2002 and 2011.

2011: Two-week guest-hosting stint on Melbourne community radio station Triple R’s literature show, Aural Text, with author and editor Sophie Cunningham.

2010: Appeared on Network Ten’s The 7pm Project to discuss random webcam chat site Chatroulette. Watch the segment.

2008: Interviewed by Elly Varrenti for Radio National’s Life Matters, regarding an essay I wrote for Meanjin about leather jackets. Listen to the interview.

2003: Appeared on Radio National’s Perspective, summarising a public lecture I gave about Australian national identity. Read the transcript.

2003: Appeared on the Nine Network’s Today Show to discuss Australian national identity, alongside the late crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin. I argued that national identity was now becoming feminine and associated with the body rather than masculine and associated with the land. Steve said, “Australia has a heart, and it’s Uluru!” Then he slapped his own buttocks for the camera.