Educational Guest Speaking

I’m a seasoned commentator on journalism, media and popular culture. If you’re a lecturer, teacher or librarian in search of an expert ‘talking head’ who can deliver a lecture, answer questions and facilitate audience discussion, I am articulate and entertaining – why not get in touch?

Here are some of my past lectures:

2016: Guest seminar presentation to students in the first-year Writing Non-Fiction subject in RMIT’s Professional Writing and Editing course. My topic was ‘Readership, genres, market – who is publishing contemporary nonfiction? What is out there? Who is reading it?’

2014: Guest lecture to first-year RMIT Professional Communication students, on ‘developing a byline and a niche in the media’.

2013: Guest speaker at an NGV Australia intensive two-day writing workshop for year 8 and 9 students. Some feedback from the participants:
“My favourite bit was Mel’s talk. It was engaging in many ways…”
“I really enjoyed the writer, Mel, coming in to speak to us…”
“I enjoyed the discussion with Mel Campbell, it was so open and enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

2012: Guest at RMIT Fashion discussion series, ‘On the Couch’. Students are assessed on their interview-style interactions with a guest speaker. I spoke about my fashion industry research on book-in-progress, Out of Shape.

2012: Emerging Writers’ Festival masterclass on managing money: negotiating pay rates, invoicing, cashflow and tax.

2011-13: Guest speaker to undergraduate University of Melbourne Media and Communication students about freelancing and independent publishing.

2011: Industry representative for RMIT’s final-year Journalism module ‘Innovation Project’. In groups, students develop a new journalism business concept and present it to the class; I provided professional feedback and also spoke about my own independent publishing projects.

2011: Emerging Writers’ Festival masterclass on opinion writing.

2011: Seminar presentation to University of Melbourne MA students in the subject ‘Communicating the Arts’.

2011: Guest speaker in the University of Melbourne MA subject ‘Freelance Writing’.

2011: Guest lecture to senior RMIT communications students in the subject ‘Organisations, Politics, Economies’.

2009: Guest lecture to RMIT Professional Writing and Editing students about freelancing and independent publishing.

2009: Guest speaker for Junior, an online community for emerging advertising, design and media creatives.

2008-2013: Annual guest lecture to Professional Writing students at Box Hill Institute of TAFE about freelancing and independent publishing.

2003: Guest lecture in Fashion at RMIT University, ‘Show Us Ya National Identity!’ A version was published as an essay in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald and attracted national broadcast and print media coverage.