ACMI Live in the Studio

I’m a frequent panellist in ACMI‘s series of TV-related discussion forums, Live in the Studio. Here are some of the events I’ve spoken at.

Gossip Girl Here
On 3 June, 2010, I spoke with fellow Gossip Girl aficionados Saige Walton and Radha O’Meara about teen dramas on the small screen. My talk focused on the fashions of Gossip Girl: both within the world of the show, and the way it has influenced real-life ways of dressing. Download the podcast here (mp3 link).

Ladies on the Tube
On 19 May, 2011, I joined Saige Walton, Esther Milne, Catherine Deveny and Clementine Ford discussing the representation of women on TV. I discussed female bosses in dramas and comedies including Law & Order, House MD, Damages, The Good Wife, Green Wing, The Naked Truth and 30 Rock. Download the podcast here (mp3 link).

Men Behaving Badly
In something of a companion piece to ‘Ladies on the Tube’, this panel on 25 August, 2011, saw me join Catherine Deveny, Daniel Burt and Tim Hunter to examine TV’s bad boys, on and offscreen. My talk focused on pairings of alpha and beta males on Mad Men and Arrested Development. Download the podcast here (mp3 link).

Glee: Join the Club
On 24 November, 2011, I joined fellow Gleek Tim Hunter, Broadway musical fan Clem Bastow and self-designated hater Jess McGuire in a debate on all things Gleeful. I spoke about the show’s emphasis on conflict and competition. Despite my many urgings, there was no group singalong of ‘Don’t Stop Believin” at the end. Download the podcast here (mp3 link).

Upstairs/Downstairs: The World of Downton Abbey
On 28 June, 2012, I joined Karen Pickering, TV soap writer Peter Mattessi and critic Debi Enker to explore issues of class and history in the genteel world of Downton Abbey. I discussed the costumes, and subsequently expanded my presentation into an essay for literary journal Kill Your Darlings. Download the podcast here (mp3 link).