Public Speaking

I’m a seasoned media commentator on popular cultural phenomena. I am always happy to discuss my research and writing in discussion panels, public lectures, radio, TV and podcasts, and have proven to be a game and entertaining guest.

You can find my most recent public appearances archived on my news and events blog. And there’s more information about my past engagements just to your right.

In particular, I have made a ridiculous number of radio appearances to discuss my academic research on bogans, beginning in 2002. Bogans continue to be a topic of great interest to Australian journalists, and every year or so a news producer seems to discover my research, leading me to dub myself “the elder statesman of Bogan Studies”. Though bogans are no longer my current research interest, I am still happy to speak about this cultural phenomenon.

Whether you need an expert ‘talking head’, a guest lecturer, a moderator or a panellist for a public forum, I’m articulate and entertaining – why not get in touch?