The Hot Guy is my debut novel: a romantic comedy co-authored with fellow film critic Anthony Morris. Anthony and I are represented by Alex Adsett. The Hot Guy is published by Echo Publishing, and is available from 1 May 2017, RRP $29.99, at all good bookstores.

Meet Cate. She’s a fun-loving sports publicist who can crack a joke about almost any situation. But a failed relationship with a humourless snob has left Cate’s self-esteem at rock bottom. That’s when her friends tell her about a special kind of pick-me-up. At the right bar, on the right night, she’ll find the “Hot Guy” – a sexy super-stud who’ll give her the confidence-boosting time of her life. But Cate’s friends warn her: try to hold onto the Hot Guy, and she’s going to get burned.

Meet Adam. He’s a serious cinema nerd who’s moved to the big city to chase his dream of being a film director. People sure are friendly here – but Adam can’t figure out why they stare at him everywhere he goes. Or why the women he meets never stick around longer than one night.

When Cate and Adam get together, sparks fly. But everyone’s telling them lust doesn’t last. Will Cate ever see Adam as a person, not just an atomic babe? Why would Adam even want to settle down? Then an unsettling encounter with a sinister all-female cabal known as the League of Icarus makes Cate realise she’s not the only woman gunning for the Hot Guy…

Packed with screwball dialogue, absurdist humour and cheap digs at Australian cinema, The Hot Guy is a sharp and sassy romantic comedy that’s not afraid to take a long, hard look at a seriously gorgeous dude.