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Smackdown! Journalism And The Academy Wrestle With Language
miranda devine

This essay won the special prize for written communication by a scholar aged under 30 in the 2003 Co-Op Bookshop Dialogica Awards.

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Big vs Lil: A Hip-Hop Journey

This playful mini-essay sizes up hip-hop culture, comparing rappers who call themselves ‘Big’ to those who are ‘Lil’. It appeared in issue seven of Is Not Magazine, “Bigger Is/Not Better”, in March 2007.

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Behind The Touchline
rugby players

This essay on homosexuality in Australian football was first published in the ‘Spectrum’ section of the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday 3 July, 2004, and later anthologised in Black Inc’s The Best Australian Sports Writing 2004.

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Sexy Nation

This essay originally appeared in The Age on 20 December, 2003, and was republished in the Sydney Morning Herald‘s ‘Spectrum’ section. In The Age‘s 150th birthday celebrations in 2004, the paper selected this as one of its best stories.

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