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Gabbing About Podcasts at the Wheeler Centre

I was honoured to represent The Rereaders podcast in a convivial midday conversation at the Wheeler Centre on Tuesday 30 May, 2017, alongside visiting US critics Dana Stevens and Stephen Metcalf of Slate‘s Culture Gabfest.

In Conversation with Chris Kraus

I appeared in conversation with US-based writer and critic Chris Kraus (of I Love Dick fame) for The Wheeler Centre on Tuesday 23 May, 2017, discussing first-person feminism and the boundaries between life and art.

Talking Robot Longreads at the Wheeler Centre

On Thursday 27 April, 2017, I participated in the very first meeting of the Wheeler Centre’s Longform Society. Alongside host Sophie Cunningham, writer and broadcaster Jeff Sparrow, and ABC Melbourne radio host Rafael Epstein, I discussed selected essays and feature articles about my pet topic: ROBOTS.

Independent Publishing Conference 2016

I spoke at two discussion panels at the 2016 Independent Publishing Conference, a key professional development event for the publishing industry. The conference was held at the Wheeler Centre from 9-12 November, 2016.

Slinging Puns at the Wheeler Centre

I had a punderful time appearing in a comedy panel game show about puns at The Wheeler Centre, and hopefully proved myself wordy of this oppuntunity.

Talking Girls On Screen at ACMI

On Friday 14 October, 2016, I spoke on a Wheeler Centre panel at ACMI, titled YAS KWEEN: Girls on Screen, hosted by comedian Judith Lucy and featuring writers and performers Jessica Knight, Billie Tumarkin and Candy Bowers.

Writing The Undead at Melbourne Writers Festival

At the 2016 Melbourne Writers Festival, I was pretty excited to be chairing a panel discussion with author Justin Cronin and showrunner Tony Ayres about how to write undead characters that transcend the familiar tropes of vampires and zombies.

Talking Fembots and Feminism at Arts Futures

On Tuesday, 15 March 2016, as part of the City of Melbourne’s Arts Futures program, I spoke at a panel event called Fembots and Feminism: Who Creates Digital Intelligence?