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ACMI Hollywood Costume Public Events

As film, clothes and archives are some of my key research interests, I gave numerous public talks about screen costume during the Hollywood Costume exhibition, which ran at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image from 24 April to 18 August, 2013.


Perhaps There’s A Little Bogan In Everyone

After reading about the emergence of “cashed-up bogans”, I got annoyed and wrote this opinion piece, which appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald on 8 June, 2006. In it I draw on the main argument of my MA thesis: that ‘bogan’ is a figure of national identity rather than class.

jg ballard

Behind Every Brilliant Writer

When British author JG Ballard died in April 2009, I was disappointed by the near-absence of his long-term partner, journalist Claire Walsh, from most obituaries. In this post at feminist blog The Dawn Chorus on 20 April, 2009, I examine the figure of the female ‘muse’.

the neptunes

Like The Song? These Guys Wrote It

In 2004, hip-hop production duo the Neptunes ruled the pop charts, and this feature explores their history and their signature sound. It appeared in The Age on Saturday, 15 May, 2004.

Free Your Signifier And The Rest Will Follow

This blog post focuses on the wearing of Palestinian headdresses, or keffiyeh, as fashionable neck scarves. It appeared on my fashion research blog, Footpath Zeitgeist, on Thursday 4 May, 2006, and has since been much-linked and cited.

Lygon Court Retail Directory

In January 2009, Right Angle Studio commissioned me to write the copy for a poster (with art by Rik Lee) promoting Lygon Court shopping centre to students at the nearby University of Melbourne.

Super Tasty Rooster

It’s possibly Melbourne’s best-named charcoal chicken shop, and I reviewed it for ThreeThousand on 16 October, 2008. When I went back, my review was taped to the bain-marie.

Gosteleradio: Great Deeds Against The Dead

In February 2010, I wrote a track-by-track guide to Great Deeds Against The Dead, the debut album of Melbourne band Gosteleradio, to be included with pre-release press copies of the album.

Pretend We’re Dead by Annalee Newitz

This review of Annalee Newitz’s book Pretend We’re Dead: Capitalist Monsters In American Pop Culture appeared in issue 124 of the academic journal Media International Australia in August 2007.


Big vs Lil: A Hip-Hop Journey

This playful mini-essay sizes up hip-hop culture, comparing rappers who call themselves ‘Big’ to those who are ‘Lil’. It appeared in issue seven of Is Not Magazine, “Bigger Is/Not Better”, in March 2007.