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ACMI Talk about David Bowie’s Costumes

On Sunday 13 September, 2015, at 2pm, I gave a talk about David Bowie’s costumes at ACMI. It was part of the “Strange Fascinations” talk series in association with the David Bowie exhibition (which is terrific).

I love doing costume talks, and the David Bowie is… show has one of the best displays of stage, film and music video costuming ACMI has had since the big Hollywood Costume show back in 2013.

I discussed the way Bowie used costume as part of his character repertoire, the way he drew on a variety of stage traditions from Japanese theatre to Weimar cabaret, and his deliberate gender and sexual transgressions.

I repeated the talk the following Sunday, 20 September. You can listen to the podcast of the talk. And here’s a Storify version I put together, based on the live-tweets of a rather on-the-ball audience member.