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I’m a journalist and cultural critic from Melbourne, Australia. This is my portfolio website. It’s currently being renovated, so please excuse the mess. More of my copywriting and journalism will be up here soon, along with my latest public speaking and media spots, so please pop back soon for more writerly excitement.

Latest Events

  • ACMI Hollywood Costume Public Events

    19 Aug 2013

    As film, clothes and archives are some of my key research interests, I gave numerous public talks about screen costume during the Hollywood Costume exhibition, which ran at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image from 24 April to 18 August, 2013.

  • Perhaps There’s A Little Bogan In Everyone

    1 Mar 2010

    After reading about the emergence of “cashed-up bogans”, I got annoyed and wrote this opinion piece, which appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald on 8 June, 2006. In it I draw on the main argument of my MA thesis: that ‘bogan’ is a figure of national identity rather than class.

  • Behind Every Brilliant Writer

    1 Mar 2010

    When British author JG Ballard died in April 2009, I was disappointed by the near-absence of his long-term partner, journalist Claire Walsh, from most obituaries. In this post at feminist blog The Dawn Chorus on 20 April, 2009, I examine the figure of the female ‘muse’.