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I’m a journalist and cultural critic from Melbourne, Australia. This is my portfolio website. I update it from time to time with my copywriting and journalism, along with my latest public speaking and media spots. I use the home page slider to give you a taste of my current research. Recently, I’ve been looking into the mythology and folklore surrounding plants.

Latest Events

  • ACMI Talk about David Bowie’s Costumes

    23 Sep 2015

    On Sunday 13 September, 2015, I gave a talk about David Bowie’s costumes as part of the “Strange Fascinations” talk series in association with ACMI’s David Bowie is… exhibition.

  • Talking TV At Melbourne Writers’ Festival

    2 Sep 2015

    On Sunday 30 August, 2015, I spoke on a Melbourne Writers’ Festival panel about fandom and criticism in ‘the golden age of television’.

  • Wheeler Centre Panel: How Cats Won The Internet

    16 Aug 2015

    On Wednesday 17 June, 2015, at the Wheeler Centre, I chaired perhaps the most vital panel discussion of the modern era: How Cats Won the Internet. I subsquently starred with my own cat in a tabloid newspaper photo shoot.